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Hall sensor, bracket and ignition to replace your Fuji EI to Rcexl ignition, Plug and play. No timing needed.
You will have to remove your prop hub and flywheel to install the new system.
Use a NGK BPMR6A or champion RCJ7Y-RCJ6Y with this system.

Fuji ignition
Single cylider conversion
Twin cylider conversion
Out of stock
Out of stock
Sensor and sensor bracket only
Out of stock
Ignition tester
14mm to 10mm adapter
1/8"x3/16" Neodymium              magnet
Universal timing clamp that allows you to install a Rcexl ignition on most any engine with a round front crank case from 1 to 1 3/4 with out having to drill and tap holes for screws, Such  DA/ZDZ/3W or if you are converting a chainsaw or weed whacker  engine.
Universal sensor
and bracket
Sensor tester
Requires two CR2032 button batteries not included
Ignition tester and sensor tester combo
Will not work with
RCXP Single ignitions
This is not a magneto conversion kit